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Civil law

  • drawing up contracts in terms of disposal with movable and immovable things, as well as other values - contracts of purchase, exchange, gift, lease, sublease, tenancy, loan, work, mortgage, establishment of servitudes and real burdens, cancellation and settlement of co-ownershipsettlement of tenancy in common, settlement of marital property, assignment of receivables and others
  • representation of clients during contract negotiations and negotiations about peaceful settlements of disputes
  • recovery of claims through litigation and arbitration bodies, including the evaluation of the optimal approach to individual debtors, use of legal tools to guarantee the claims
  • legal analysis and revision of contracts and unilateral acts, the assessment of rights and obligations resulting from such contracts, as well as evaluation of possible termination of existing contractual relationships
  • continuous cooperation with notaries and court executors in the drafting of legal acts that must be done in the form of a notarial or executorial record due to legislation, providing drafting of acknowledgments of debt in the form of a notarial record with consent to direct enforcement
  • in relation the drafting of legal acts, a legal representation in proceedings related to such acts in administrative proceeding before land register is also provided
  • representation of clients in the field of privacy protection law
  • consulting on heritage matters – drafting of last wills, declarations of disinheritance, representation of clients in inheritance proceedings
  • the law of bills and checks

with regards to business relationships:

  • drafting of the framework agreements
  • drafting and revision of terms and conditions
  • the provision of comprehensive services for recovery of claims
  • protection against unfair competition and enforcement of claims arising from such behavior