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Municipalities and Regional Offices

  • Comprehensive advisory services to municipalities and regional offices with independent and delegated competencies
  • Legal analyses and advisory services in public law
  • Advisory services and support in conducting administrative proceedings
  • Drawing up contracts for disposal of movable and immovable property as well as other valuables – purchase contracts, exchange contracts, deeds of covenant, lease contracts, sublease contracts, tenancy contracts, borrowing contracts, contracts for work, contracts of pledge, easement and real burden establishment contracts, co-ownership cancellation and settlement agreements, debt assignment contracts, etc., taking into account the public law
  • Legal analyses and revisions of contracts and unilateral legal proceedings, assessment of rights and obligations resulting therefrom, as well as evaluation of contractual relationship (obligation) termination options
  • Continuous work with notaries public and proving executors in drafting the procedures which, to be valid, are required by the positive law to be in the form of notarial or executor records
  • Representation in court proceedings